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“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

Jean Greatbatch, Jane Morley QC, Julia Menard, Sally Campbell
About our team

We are conflict consultants. Each of us has had extensive and varied dispute resolution and conflict management experience, particularly assisting public sector and non-profit leaders struggling with organizational conflict and change while seeking to advance the public interest.

What makes us different is the depth and breadth of our experience:

  • Human Rights and Respectful Workplaces investigations, restorative follow-up work and policy design
  • Conflict coaching, mediation, facilitation, circles and training
  • Labour Relations and Human Resources
  • First Nations, government, public sector and not-for-profit
  • Leadership development and systems change
  • Public policy, Law and the Justice System

We take a restorative approach – we build on strengths, taking a systemic approach, rooted in the context of your organization

If your organization could benefit from a restorative response to conflict, we invite you to explore?our services?and?เว็บแจกเงินฟรี2018.

Few people have the opportunity to work closely with consultants?whose thoughtful and considered approach leads to fundamental change.?
– Catharine Read, Public Service Commissioner, Government of Yukon


Read more about our clients and their feedback.

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